"Immerse yourselves in the Yellowstone wonders and for a time, everything else falls away."

~ Audra, Founder of Lamar Valley Touring

Meet our Team of Local Experts

Audra Conklin - Founder and Naturalist Guide

Wildlife advocate, environmentalist and tour professional, Audra is dedicated to sharing unique experiences with her guests who come from all over the world to view the impressive display of animal species in Yellowstone’s Northern Range.

This passion was honed during Christmas of 2009 when Audra received a gift from her “roving naturalist” mother that would change the trajectory of her life: A week of watching and learning about wildlife at the Lamar Valley Buffalo Ranch. Surrounded by bison, reintroduced wolves and grizzly bears was beyond her imagination but five years later, after selling Modern Mermaids, her nontoxic cleaning products company, she headed West to Montana for a three-month hiatus. What initially was to be a summer adventure evolved into almost a decade of unexpected and enchanting events that has led to her immersion into all things “Yellowstone”, as a researcher, educator, and guide.

Audra has a B.S. degree in communications, is a graduate of the International Guide Academy, and is Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and ‘Leave No Trace’ certified. In addition to guiding and operating Lamar Valley Touring, Audra has led Grandparent/Grandchildren trips to all corners of the park for Road Scholar and Student Trips for Global Travel Alliance. She’s had the pleasure of working with people of all ages from all over the world and believes that, “Every person should visit Yellowstone at least once in their lifetime and it is my heartfelt joy when I can be a part of their experience”.

Traveling between Montana and the East Coast to visit with family, Audra is always ready to talk about Yellowstone and its beautiful wildlife inhabitants.

Shauna Baron - M.S.

Shauna saw her first wild wolf while volunteering for the Yellowstone Wolf Project in 1996, just one year after the reintroduction, and has been working to protect wolves and wild places ever since. For over 25 years, she has focused her career on outdoor education and wildlife conservation, including work as a biologist for the USFWS Red Wolf Recovery Program in North Carolina, a forest carnivore researcher for the University of Vermont, and as a volunteer at the Colorado based Mission:Wolf program.

Having a B.S. in Biology as well as a Master’s Degree in Science Education has led her to not only to being a published author but also, to developing nature therapy programs for disabled veterans, inner-city youth and autistic groups. Recently, she was the editor for the Yellowstone Wolf Charts and Genealogy publications as well as launching Yellowstone Trip Planning, an online venue for visitors wanting to make the most of their time vacationing in Yellowstone. When Shauna isn’t in the field guiding or helping others plan their trips, she can be found with a scope to her eye or a book(and a kitty)on her lap.

Spencer Schyma

Born on the bayou in Louisiana, Spencer would arrive back home from school every day with a bag full of snakes and a dismayed mother. From snakes to turtles, to alligators to birds, and bugs, Spencer learned to love wildlife and adventuring early on from his big brother, eventual YouTube star, Pecos Hank.

Holding a B.A. in Environmental Studies, Spencer has a rich background of learning and loving wildlife and getting to know the land as an integrated whole. Having worked everywhere and done everything from kayaking glassy sea mornings with humpback whales in Hawaii to spending all night patrolling beaches rescuing and releasing sea turtles in Mexico to taking care of wild horses in a Tibetan monastery and more. He has had the privilege to work with the National Park Service and BLM restoring habitats in a great range of places including Zion, Bryce Canyon, Grand Staircase Escalante, and Big Thicket in East Texas. When Spencer isn’t touring or viewing wildlife he is likely on the trail, squinting at an interesting plant or rock, writing something down, or playing guitar. He is very excited to be joining the Lamar Valley Touring team to share his love of the wondrous wildlife of Yellowstone’s Northern Range.

Saige Hallock

Saige's deep appreciation for the outdoors, wildlife, and conservation began during her childhood growing up in northern Idaho, where she enjoyed skiing, hiking, and camping with her family, making her a passionate and knowledgeable outdoorsman. Her adventures have taken her backpacking in remote wilderness areas, fly fishing in Yellowstone, skiing across the U.S., and hiking on the world renowned El Camino de Santiago.

With four years of experience living in Gardiner, Saige has developed a substantial working knowledge of Yellowstone National Park and surrounding areas. She is passionate about leading insightful tours, highlighting the park's diverse wildlife, ecology, and cultural history, striving to provide memorable experiences that showcase the beauty and significance of Yellowstone that has touched her so deeply.


Best Day EVER
October 2022
“I wanted this birthday to be memorable… Since we still didn’t have individual access to the park because of the restricted entrance via the North Gate, we decided to book a tour with Audra/Lamar Valley Touring. Best decision EVER! Not only did we get to see wolves and meet acclaimed writer and Audra’s friend Rick McIntyre, but we toured the entire park. We spent two hours watching an entire pack of wolves. She had excellent quality scopes and provided video recordings and photos. We had a lovely picnic lunch by Yellowstone Lake, complete with mini cheesecakes for my birthday! Audra is a wealth of knowledge about all things Yellowstone, from wolves to lichens! This was my best and most memorable birthday!”

-- Linda F.

The best guide in Lamar Valley!
June 2022
“We had another wonderful experience with Audra! She is so knowledgable, personable, and has a deep respect for the animals and natural beauty she showed us. We were blown away by everything we saw - wolves, many bears (grizzly and black bears), bison, pronghorn, elk, birds of prey, mountain goats - even moose! The park was really showing off, and Audra has an intuitive knack of being in the right place at the right time. We learned and saw so much, and it was our favorite day in the park. As a bonus, she brought snacks, lunch, and coffee, and also took wildlife photos for us through her viewing scope and shared them with us afterwards. We highly recommend Audra as a guide - there's no better way to experience the Lamar Valley. Thank you for such an unforgettable day, Audra!”

-- Caroline C.

A tour with Audra is a must!
May 2022
“Spent a day with Audra touring Lamar Valley. It was the highlight of our two week trip. Weather was iffy but we had a phenomenal day. We saw so many different wildlife and also had some exceptional events. Audra is so knowledgeable and it’s fun to see her get excited right along with us. I highly recommend you contact her for her tour services. We would never have been able to have had the opportunity to see all the things that we did on our own. And to top that, she is delightful company.”

-- TallyFL